Monday, July 29, 2013

Celebration Europe - Episode IV

Celebration Europe 2 blog report- 28th July 2013
Well here we are, the final day of an absolutely awesome weekend. I have to say the atmosphere has been incredible. Thousands of people from around the world gathered in one place to share their passion for Star Wars

Once again there were shows on, chats with stars of the films, and events for people to get involved in. Along with artists selling prints and hand drawn items there was a row of tattoo artists plying their trade and allowing people to show their love of Star Wars in a rather permanent way

Today was more packed than usual as everyone took advantage of the last day of the con. There were families with children, and even an expectant mother dressed as Padme Amidala from Episode II. Sadly she informed me she wasn't having twins.

In the Grugahalle Warwick Davies was entertaining the Fett-tastic Four. Daniel Logan, Jeremy Bulloch (who turned up dressed in his 501st Boba Fett costume),Dickey Beer and John Morten talkied about what it was like to play the baddest Bounty Hunter in the galaxy

Whilst all this was going on there were other activities going on including being shown how to build your own droid, hosted by the R2D2 Builders Club and a trivia competition where the public were able to compete for the right to be called Worlds Most Knowledgeable Fan.

Throughout the weekend there had been various activities, far too many to go to all at once. Everything from collectors seminars to costuming to Star Wars around the world, there was something for everyone.

So then we came to the last show of the day, and they'd saved the best for last. Everyone met inside the Grugahalle to see Mark Hamill, Luke Skywalker himself, take the stage. Mark talked about his role in Star Wars, looking forward to what the future will bring, and regaled the audience with anecdotes including the fact he recorded a voiceover for an unaired episode of the Clone Wars and also revealed he thought that Luke was only going to hit the Wampa a glancing blow in ESB but only found out in Post Production that they had decided to cut its whole arm off. Poor Wampa!

And then that was it. We had the closing ceremony where we all got to look back at an amazing Celebration Europe and where it was announced that that Celebration VII would be coming to Anaheim, California!!

That's right folks, put the date in your diary. 16th to 19th April 2015, with tickets going on sale 8th August this year

And that was it. I said goodbye to a lot of people who I met and headed back to my hotel room tired but happy. This was my first Celebration and I expected it to be my last but after experiencing such an indescribable atmosphere I'll definitely be going to Anaheim in 2015. I hope I'll see you there

May the Force be with you all

Wow! What an ending. I'm sad that it's over. I think I could happily live vicariously through Caelien forever. These last few days have been fun for me, getting updates and pictures while everything is going on. It was almost as if I were there instead of at work photocopying (a girl can dream...) Maybe if I dream big and manage to save some money I can meet up with him a Celebration VII in a few years. If not, hopefully he will grace this blog once again for another great, first hand look at the World Of Star Wars cons.

Thank you so much Caelien! You rock my R2-D2 socks off!

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