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Celebration Europe - Episode III

Celebration Europe 2 blog report- 27th July 2013

First off, I need to get something out of my system

*Ahem* apologies for that geek-out. All will become apparent soon

So Day two kicked off pretty much the same as day one, with hordes of fans descending on the Messe- Essen centre. Today, however, promised two exclusives

First up, in the main Celebration stage, we had Kathleen Kennedy attending her first Celebration Europe. As you may already know Kathleen has taken over the reins of President of Lucasfilms from George Lucas. Not only is she a celebrated and respected producer for a wide variety of films such as Jurassic Park, Inner Space and the Back To The Future films but she is also going to be producing the new Star Wars films. 

What a great woman to pass the franchise to
  Sadly all talk of episode VII have been mooted by the powers that be. However Kathleen announced that there will be more focus on the story rather than special effects, and there would be a lot more model work than what was seen in the prequels. Also announced, as an exclusive at CEII, was that the legendary John Williams would be scoring the next three films. This was treated to a thunderous round of applause and rightly so. The Star Wars films are synonymous with John Williams classic score and anyone else doing it wouldn't be the same


Next up was Dave Filoni, former supervising director of The Clone Wars (RIP). Dave was there to discuss the new upcoming Star Wars Rebels cartoon. Amongst what was able to be revealed was the fact that the TV show would be set after Revenge Of The Sith (although Filoni refused to reveal just how long after) and would be drawn in a style very similar to the late, great Ralph McQuarrie. Also revealed were a new vehicle- a freighter called simply "Ghost" and the new logo for the show

  After a quick break and a quick change (allowing me to finally wear my Jedi robes after a tonne of hassle) I hit the stands and took in the sights. The amount of costumes and the quality on the floors were astounding. From the 501st to everyday fans a wealth of talent was on show. 

As I wandered over to the artists booth I decided to treat myself to one of the prints. After browsing some of the (quite incredible) pieces I settled on Shae Standefer's 'The Dancers Pit'. I also managed to have a good old chat with Shae (see? First name terms and everything) who revealed the leggings she was wearing was designed by her fellow artist Tsuneo Sanda. a meta moment indeed

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Finally the last show was on, and the reason for my little fanboy freakout before. The one and only Carrie Fisher- Princess Leia herself- graced the stage with her pet dog Gary. Much to the amusement of the crowd Gary proceeded to attack two baby Ewok teddies that had been left on stage. Which kind of left host Warwick Davies quite perplexed. During her interview (which started with a random fan shouting out "We love you Carrie" and Carrie replying "I know" without even batting an eyelid) Carrie discussed her long career and reminisced about her time filming Return of the Jedi with Warwick, revealing how she mothered the 11-at-the-time actor. 

I know

Also revealed was a never-before-seen short film made by one of ROTJ's second directors featuring young Warwick as an Ewok asking Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher for directions to where he had to go, and then promptly being sent off to Jabbas Palace.

  After a Q&A session, where Carrie agreed to hold a persons hand whilst he got a picture of her tattooed on his arm, Warwick and Carrie recreated the scene from ROTJ where Wicket first meets Leia. Cue lots of rolling on the floor, jumping behind couches and Carrie being poked with a broom handle

After that the show ended. Everyone headed off for a Star wars style pub crawl. Last day tomorrow, should finish on a blinder 

Oh Man! What a Day! Way To Go Caelien for dressing up as a kick-ass Jedi!
If you're reading this and have no idea what's going on, check out Episode I and Episode II, to catch up on these Fantastic adventures!

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