Thursday, July 25, 2013

Celebration Europe - Episode I - A Guest Post

Hi there, followers of Talk Star Wars To Me

OK, just a little introduction. My name's Caelien and I'm an admin on the Star Wars Facebook'd group on, well, Facebook. I have been fortunate enough to be able to attend Celebration Europe, and as a favour to Braeby have agreed to write a guest blog for her

I'll be posting notes from as many seminars as I can, and also some pictures from the event. Including some of the guest stars attending.

Stay tuned to the Talk Star Wars To Me blog and I'll speak to you all soon, all the way from Essen in Germany

Celebration Europe 2 blog report- 25th July 2013

Stardate 2015250713. Crap, wrong franchise. Start again

So it's the (kinda) prequel to the actual convention. It started off with me picking up my pass (VIP, don't cha know) and waiting till 1800 for the store area to open. Being VIP meant we could get in a good hour before anyone else. And a lot of people took advantage of that! There was a lot of European themed stuff (Football scarves, German beer steins. That sort of thing) as well as the usual t shirts and hoodies.

Also on hand was the lovely Ashley Eckstein (who, I should point out, is also very dinky. I could have easily popped her in my top pocket) with some items from her Her Universe collection. Which, I have to say, looked mighty impressive.

I also got a chance to see some of the displays getting prepared for the main opening. Anyone who's seen other Celebrations will recognize a lot of stuff. My next installment will hopefully be more pic heavy

So far looking good

I'm sooo excited to have Caelien guest posting for us all the way from Germany! The two of us have been facebook buddies for a few years now, thanks to SW:facebook'd (which you should totally check out, if you haven't already.) When he told me that he was going to Celebration Europe and wanted to guest blog about it, I was elated! How awesome is that? Now we can all live vicariously through him! And he's already met Ashley!!! Girlish squee of delight!!!!

Tune in for for more, as the convention continues.

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