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Celebration Europe - Episode II

Celebration Europe 2 blog report- 26th July 2013

So Celebration Europe II kicked off properly today. Masses of people gathered at the Messe Essen center to share their love of Star Wars. There were plenty of people in costume and it wasn't long before I saw my first variant - a Viking Trooper, complete with Axe (ok, it was the body deodorant, but you get the idea).

Axe... snicker...

Five minutes after that I stumbled across my first "Sexy" costume - Booba Fett. 

That takes some super confidence! You go Booba Fett!

The main hall was jam packed with stalls, mainly selling memorabilia, along with a few awesome dioramas. 

Near the entrance was a mock up of part of the Millennium Falcon interior complete with holochess table and an R2D2 to keep travelers company. Nearby was the bunker from Endor complete with Speeder bike which people were allowed to sit on, and further down was a huge AT-AT.

Walking round you could see a lot of people dressed up, as you'd expect from a convention. From costuming groups like the 501st to fans emulating their heroes, young and old everyone was having fun

Across the road in a building called the Gruggehalle (why does everything sound aggressive in German?) a stage was set up for a series of shows hosted by Warwick Davies. Essentially a Q&A with various guests young Warwick made a great host, chatting to Anthony Daniels and Ian McDiarmid and acting out some of the scenes. I don't think anything will top the image of Chancellor Palpatine pelting Warwick with toy baby Ewoks
As well as the obligatory stand, there was opportunities to meet various stars from the SW universe. This year we were graced with the presence of both Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher Queues formed up as people waited to get autographs or to catch a glimpse of their favourite stars. I was lucky enough to get autographs from Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett), Peter Mayhew (Chewbacca), Ashley Eckstein (ahsoka Tano) and Jeremy Bulloch (Boba Fett) who told me he still remembers Braeby, which was awesome!

Jango Fett AND Blue Jays Pride! I love it!
 I totally want her dress!

The one and only!

Of course it wasn't all just merchandise and celebs. there were all sorts of seminars being held, including a discussion about Star Wars comics, hosted by Pablo Hidalgo, who revealed a sneak peek at the forthcoming The Star Wars comics based on George Lucas' original screenplay. also showing were various films including the Darth Maul arc from the Clone Wars TV series, and an outdoor viewing of Return Of The Jedi

The latter I missed, sadly, as I was waiting to meet Dave Filoni, the supervising director of the Clone Wars. His flight had unfortunately been delayed but he spent ages chatting to all the VIP pass holders as well as signing copies of an exclusive print featuring everyone's favourite Togrutan padawan. Not only signing but also drawing whoever people wanted as well. I'm surprised his arm didn't fall off!

Well day one's over with, day two promises Q&A's with Carrie fisher, Mark Hamill and Kathleen Kennedy, as well as the usual stuff

What an awesome day! And what an amazing line-up of people to meet! I can't wait to hear and see more!
Also, I don't know if Jeremy Bulloch was just being nice or not, but if he actually remembered me, that's sooooo coool!!! Here's my picture with the one and only Boba Fett at Toronto ComicCon a few years back. I totally fan-girled on him. Lol!

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  1. I've met Jeremy a few times, he's one of the nicest celebs you can possibly meet.