Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Moves Like Jabba

Who doesn't love a good parody?
How about 2 parodies?
How about 2 parodies of the same thing?

It's not a far reach from Maroon 5's "Moves Like Jagger" to Moves Like Jabba, so I can see why more than one parody came out of it, despite the fact that Mick Jagger and a hermaphroditic slug have very little in common other than in name.

First off, the crazy minds over at MADtv came up with this little gem.


It's a cute little cartoon with lots of fun little cameos. The song itself isn't great, but the animation makes up for it.

This one, on the other hand, is the opposite. The song is much better but the production value is much lower, which is ok, because it's still really fun.

This is from the same guy who brought us Tonight I'm Frakkin You.

here are the lyrics, if you're interested.

[Han Solo]
Oh! He's Jabba the Hut
He's a gangster
90% percent butt
High Blood Pressure
On this pleasure barge, he always lives large
with pig bodyguards

He never wears clothes

Cuz he's baller
He puts on these shows
Girl's wear collars
She danced for a bit
Got dropped in the pit
Now she's rancor sh**
cause he rolls like this

Lick you with his tongue
On the trap door
Don't get it on your face
He has cold sores

Move like Jabba

I'm eating food like Jabba
Wish I could mooooooove... like Jabba

No Jedi mind tricks can control him

The force bounces off his double chin

With them moves like Jabba

He's got big boobs like Jabba
I gotta moooooooove... like Jabba

[Slave Lea]

My little bro, is a jedi knight
and you got my man stuck in carbonite
So fat and greedy
Prolly got diabetes
Like Willfred Brimly

So eat them frogs

Cuz this won't end nice
Grab this chain, ooh Jabba, take your life

You put me in this slave outfit
My little bro will see this
Can't believe we kissed
Ohhhhhh oh oh!
I think he liked it

[Han Solo]

His big slimy tongue
will seduce you
laugh like Salacious Crumb
when he shows you

All these moves like Jabba

I'm getting nude like Jabba
I gotta mooooooove... like Jabba

Goes to Space Buffets and eats it all

That's why he's got really high Cholesterol

With the moves like Jabba

We've got the moves like Jabba
I've got the moooooooves... like Jabba

Oh and incase you have no idea what any of this is parodying, here is the original video by Maroon 5

Thanks to Geeks With Curves for showing us the right way to move.

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