Thursday, October 25, 2012

How To DIY A Halloween Costume

Excitement!!! We have our very first guest blogger today! 
My wonderful friend Kate would like to share with you some tips she's learned this year about making your own costume.

I introduce to you;

How to DIY a Halloween costume

by Kate Rosser-Davies
1. Choose amazing character from video game, film, comic book, mythology or similar to dress as, and begin to formulate pie-in-the-sky plan for kickass costume. 

2. Realize that do not have time/money/skills to execute said plan, revise. 

3. Go to fabric store for specific fabric. Purchase numerous other unelated fabrcs and several packs of buttons which were on sale and will come in handy at unspecified later date. 

4. Renew membership at fabric store; grumble about price.

5. Repeat step 3 at thrift store; get annoyed by children runnng up and down aisles and whacking legs with hangers. Think about how the prices at thrift store are not that far off Old Navy, which does not have persistent cupboard smell. Miss bus because of pondering. 

6. Get home, make cup of tea. 

7. Spread fabric out on floor, begin to freehand draw necessary shapes with dressmaker's chalk pencil; break pencil immediately, curse and go in search of sharpener. 

8. Remove cat from fabric. 

9. Finish freehand design; decide is wonky, attempt to fix up. Make worse. 

10. Consume glass of white wine, Bailey's, or similar.

11. Remove cat from fabric, attempt to distract with toy. 

12. Search fruitlessly for sewing scissors; conclude that gremlin has taken them. Use kitchen scissors, ignore bacon smell. 

13. Make design symetrical by folding in half, cutting side that looks better. 

14. Prepare to affix various pieces to one another. Drop pin caddy, retrieve pins with refridgerator magnet. 

15. Break sewing machine needle; spend 20 minutes looking for extra needle. 

16. Sew pieces together, being careful to occasionally sew one or two backwards or upside-down so as to make extra work while search for seam ripper, re-pin, etc. 

17. Listen to significant other tell you it could have been purchased for a lot less hassle; know it would not have looked as kickass as final product surely will. Ask significant other to can opinions on matter and refill wine glass. 

18. Begin to create accessories. Locate extension cord for glue gun, drip hot glue on to various surfaces. Trip over cord. Spill canister of glitter. Prevent cat from consuming. 

19. Assemble all necessary pieces. Question efficacy of hot glue as watch pieces come apart; send significant other to hardware store for No-More-Nails. Try again. 

20. Complete accessories, try on outfit. Model extensively in front of full length mirror. Pose. Realize have forgotten vital detail. Panic. 

21. Go to dollar store, get materials for last detail. Also purchase sundry hair elastics, bars of soap etc. Spend $13 more than planned. 

22. Wear ensemble to costume party; spend first part of night feeling self-conscious next to expert cosplayers. Lose accessory on trip to bathroom. Decide "fuck everyone else, am awesome". Shotgun beer.

23. Consider whole enterprise to be massive success; begin to plan even more elaborate scheme for next year. Repeat cycle ad infinitem. 

mmm... bacon scissors...

I know the feeling, Kate. I've been there (including the bacon scissors). My costume is following a similar path, but we still have a few more days to get it right or, at worst, go buy a costume if it fails miserably (I have great experience behind those words)
I know what her costume is of and I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I'm pretty sure it's going to be awesome!

Have you ever DIY'd a costume before? Does this ring true for you? Comment and let me know.
Thanks Kate for being my first guest blogger! Come back and blog again soon!

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