Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Costumes For Girls At Different Ages

Halloween is one of my favorites days of the year. I love spending hours trying to come up with the perfect costume, until I finally decide what I want to be each year. Some years I've made my costume (like this year) and some years I go out and buy one.

If you're buying a costume for yourself a girl/woman in your life, you've got lots of choices. And luckily costumes come in different sizes for different ages.
Check it out


Awww... how cute!

uhh... not so cute...




Anyone else starting to see a trend here?



Oh God! What have you done to Dorothy? And Minnie? That's just cruel!

Minnie Mouse


I don't this that's sanitary for a hospital....




Umm... wow

Now don't get me wrong, I have nothing against sexy costumes. I like to add a bit of sex appeal to my own, so who am I to judge? 
These are a little extreme though and obviously the comparison was meant to be extreme. I think these adult costumes are meant more for at home then out on the street, but again, to each their own.
I suppose it's nice to know that some costume ideas are for every age.

Thanks to Adam for showing me these and making me laugh so hard that I snorted.

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