Wednesday, May 9, 2012

More Star Wars Pin-ups

I love Pin-ups. It's been one of the goals in my life to be one. I would especially love to be a geek pin-up and even more specifically, a Star Wars pin-up.
Art like this from Timothy Lim, gives me hope that people would actually be into this!

I really love the rebel alliance pin-up. It reminds me of some awesome pictures I saw of Katie Cook's

I'm going to have to do this for a con or Halloween before it becomes too mainstream and every girl is doing it!

Anyway, you can buy prints of shirts of the top 2 pin-ups over at redbubble.
and thanks to Tiefighters for loving sexy Star Wars chicks

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  1. Love the blog but as a WWII history buff on top of my other geekdoms I have to offer one minor correction.
    The Tie Bombshell and Red 5 pieces are more correctly described as nose art rather than pinups.