Wednesday, May 2, 2012

New Items Coming Soon To Her Universe!!

I know, I have a love affair with Her Universe.
I can't help it! I discovered this site the first day it launched and I own over 50% of it's merchandise already, but they just keep coming out with more and more awesome Star Wars and other Sy-Fy stuff for girls!

I was just perusing their facebook page and I came across some sneak peaks of a few things that will be coming out in a few days on STAR WARS DAY!

How amazing is this fleece Princess Leia hoodie? I can't wait to get my own! I will wear this everywhere!

Also, coming this summer are a baby outfit by Katie Cook and an awesome Star Wars bag!

Looks like we got Rebel, Imperial, Jedi, Naboo and the Her Universe logos on this bag! Cool!

I really want all of these! Guess it's time to update mt wishlist ;p

UPDATE: These are actually available at Hot Topic and today (MAY the 4th) everything Star Wars is 20% off!)

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