Friday, May 4, 2012

May The 4th Be With You

Star Wars Day is here again! YAY!

So, what am I going to do about it? 
Well, besides dressing in Star Wars stuff (t-shirt, underwear, socks, hoodie), I'm planning to watch at least one of the movies, plan out some more SW bags or dresses, peruse some SW websites, of course Talk SW to at least a few people, and blog.

I've been saving some Star Wars content for this day for a little while now. Let's start with this awesome deleted scene

I love the tension between the 2 of them.  Man, if Han Solo offered to warm me up, I don't think I could say no!

These next pictures are from an Ad agency, BleuBlachRouge, in Montreal, for a Star Wars exhibit! If I had known (and not been in South Korea) I might have hopped on a bus and gone! 

I love how they've build each character! These artists really know what they're doing!

How about some Star Wars statistics? 

I love the little Thrawn head in the last one! Also, number of limbs lost! Too funny!

Here are some random Star Wars photos that I've had kicking around and wanting to post.

Remember, the 4th will be with you; always.

Thanks to Rudimentary My Dear, Geek Art, The Mary Sue, and all those great Star Wars Tumblrs. The 4th is strong with you!


  1. I see at least 4 images in this post that I would consider getting tattooed across my chest.

  2. sexy Boba Fett babes perhaps?

  3. That's one. But I'm this close to getting the one of Chewie riding a 2-headed unicorn.

  4. It is pretty bad-ass! I totally think you should get it!