Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sexy And Geeky Underwear; A Winning Combination

I love fun and colourful panties. When you're having a bad day, knowing that your underwear is fun can make all the difference.
Fun, colourful and geeky panties are even better. I only own a few pairs of those; Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Boba Fett. But don't worry, there will only be more in time.

Like these for example;

Do I ever want these!

I love me some Cap and this would be an awesome way to show my support. Not to mention that the 'figure' on it gives the chest a nice roundness to it. I also love the belt on the bottoms. Super cute.

Now Spencers isn't just offering Captain America cami sets, but also these lovely Marvel ladies:

Black Widow looks the least realistic to me out of all of them (if a cartoon cutout printed on a camisole can be considered realistic), I mean just check out the unzipped neckline and that fiery background! But again I'm loving the belt so I guess that makes up for it.

White Queen, otherwise known as Emma Frost, is one of my least favorite Marvel women, but I still like this set. It certainly is cheaper than going out and buying a white leather corset (and probably comfier to sleep in too)

As far as realistic goes, I think that She Hulk pulls it off the best. (Do to the green skin perhaps?)  I also love the fact that she's wearing jeans. I'm not really sure why, but I do.

Last but not least is Spider Man (Or Spider-Girl according to the shorts) Out of all the shapes, I think this one could use a little work. Perhaps if they changed the background to a different colour, you could properly tell that it's trying to be shapely.

It's kind of funny, usually I find clothes that try and depict a different shape on them to be distastefull and tacky, but I actually like these and plan to own a few different (or possibly all) pairs. Mind you, you won't see me leaving the house in them, so I guess that's ok. right?

So what do you think? Would you wear them or want a girl to wear them for you? Is the cutout shape distastefull or fun? Should I buy these and if so, what pair?

That's to Fashionable Geek for the sexy tip

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