Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thursday Threads - Geek Girls Make-UP!

art by Laurie B!

Geek Girl Power! Make-Up!

Don't you wish putting on make-up was as easy as this? I do.
But since it's not, I have to manage to do it myself. At least there are geeky products out there that make the painstaking process of applying make-up more fun.

Premium Bandai 

This collection at least lets us pretend that we're Sailor Scouts with these awesome applicators

I am all about having my hair wild and crazy colours, probably because of shows like Jem when I was little. The idea of actually having Jem colours to put in my hair would've blown child me's mind. Who am I kidding, it still does

This truly outrageous collection was only available for a limited time, but luckily you can still find it on ebay (truly expensive, but worth it?)

Disney and Lip Smackers have had a long standing partnership, selling flavoured tubes of lip gloss

There was a time when I was obsessed with Lip Smackers and I would've needed to own all of these. Lucky for my pocket book, those times have passed

Or it had passed until they released these Tsum Tsum eggs

How am I to resist my favourite Disney villains and Star Wars characters? Especially with flavour names like Ice Cream Clone and Wicked Grape

These just make me laugh and I want all of them. I kind of hope that you have to twist their hips to advance your lip balm.

They even make nail polish now, with these little cuties on top

We can always count on Hot Topic to help us out with our geek girl needs and that includes awesome themed make-up kits

I think these Halloween costume kits can be used for more than just once a year

And don't forget the pink/blue combination hair colour kit for Harley Quinn. What a cool combination 
 and of course, we can forget after make-up care with this Hello Kitty face mask

This great online company offers all the geek make-up of your dreams with collections like Harry Potter, Adventure Time, Avengers and Game of Throwns

After all this geek make-up, are your brushes looking a little sad in comparison? Well, worry no more, Storybook has got you covered.

Lightsaber brushes! Yes please!

I am in love with these mermaid brushes!

If we're going to spend all this time painting our faces, we might as well find nail wraps that match our geeky personality and graphic tees

I want all of these Last Unicorn wraps. Too bad I have to keep my nails short and clean for school.

Treasure maps that show the way in the dark! How amazing!!

Don't forget their make-up collections too! I'm in love with this nerd set

Want your eyes to be geeky too? Check out geek contacts!

This might be pushing it too far for me, but to each geek their own. 

Ever wanted that Anime twinkle in your eyes? Now you can have it!

So what's your geek girl make-up flavour? And do you still wish you could just hold up a wand and have magic transform you? Okay, that was a silly question, but at least you can now fins the next best thing

Thanks to Fashionably GeekThe Mary Sue, and Geek X Girls who understand that with great make-up comes great responsibility

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