Thursday, October 5, 2017

Thursday Threads - Care Bears and MLP Hit Hot Topic

I'm the first to admit that I love Hot Topic
These collections have taken things that I loved as a kid (and now) and made them into something that I can wear! And that is AWESOME in my book.

Are you old enough to remember the Care Bears? I grew up with them and have always loved them.

But don't just trust me on that, check out the collection for yourself

Given the opportunity, I would live in those onesies (although they don't seem to be online yet?)

Cheer Bear was my bear of choice most often, so I'm happy to see her included (even if she's not wearing her '80s jacket)

And who doesn't love being grumpy alongside Grumpy Bear? 

Just as important to my childhood was My Little Pony. When my niece was little and really into the new series, I started watching it so I could talk to her about it, and then fell in love with these crazy, fun ponies.

With the release of the new movie in theaters tomorrow, Hot Topic has released these cute tulle skater dresses

I want them all, even if it's just so I can sit around in them and feel like a pretty pony

In case you are wondering, which I was, this last one is Tempest Shadow, the possible baddie in the new movie. Guess I'll just have to go watch it to find out for sure.

These collections make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and I hope that they continue on this trend of fun, classic cartoon clothes

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