Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sexy Geek Shoes! Hooray!

A few years ago it seemed like there was no where that you could find geeky shoes, at least for women. Thank goodness for the out-pour of support of geeky ladies on the internet and, of course, for Etsy!
Geek shoes are now in abundance and they are as sexy as ever! Check out these two awesome stores that I've recently come across and their commitment to geeky, sexy and sparkly!

Heels or flats, these Wonder Woman shoes are amazing and can be completely customized in colour

I feel like I'd need a sexy black cat suit to go with these Cat Woman shoes

Love the purple and green combo. I always expect to find it tacky, but I love it

Star Wars Shoes!!! YAY!!!

I'm more of a TNG fan when it comes to Star Trek, but I love the black, blue and gold combo sooo much!

These Disney shoes are fit for a Princess

I am totally in love with these Lord of the Rings shoes; the elvish script, the white tree of Gondon on the heels, JRR's Signature on the bottom! Gorgeous! 

Mermaid shoes with pearls! Perfect!

These shoes are much sparklier than the others, but in a good way! All the motifs are done really precisely, which is very impressive

Barbie Shoes!!! I love Barbie Shoes!

The Jolly Roger and Steampunk shoes are totally amazing!
I mean, look at the tiny rivets on the steampunk shoes!

The flames and zebra aren't geeky at all, but I love them all the same!

Thanks you so much for making geeky shoes! The only problem is, picking out which ones I want the most!

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