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The Hunger Games Nail Polis Line

Shortly before Christmas, my best friend and I went to to the new Twilight movie. Yes, yes, grimace all you want, it was pretty lame. But one good thing did come out of going; we saw this:

Yes, The Hunger Games Trailer. A lot of different blogs and sites that I go to had been mentioning The Hunger Games in posts, saying that it was an amazing series, but I had absolutely no idea what it was even about. As the trailer ended, my friend and I looked at each other and simultaneously agreed that we needed to go see it. Shortly after we both picked up the first book.

If you've read them, you'll understand why I read the first book in 3 sittings. The day I finished the first book, I ran to the nearest book store and bought books two and three, which I devoured in even less time. Now I'm even more excited about the movie coming out than I was before!

Now, as books are turned into movies, wonderful things happen in the world of merchandising.  As you may attest from previous posts, I especially love when girly things like make-up  and nail polish are involved; especially nail polish!

When I found out that there was talk about a Hunger Games nail polish line I was totally stoked! I mean, just check out those colours!

The names of these are AMAZING! Someone really knows their stuff! Oh wait... they didn't go with those names at all... 
Here are the real names, based on The Capitol

Now, I know that in the books, nowhere but in the Capitol would you see anyone wearing something like nail polish, but to be honest, naming them after the Capitol  and the 12 Districts is totally lame. 

Dress Me Up: District 8, Textiles
Fois Gras: District 10, Livestock
Fast Track: District 6, Transportation
Hook and Line: District 4, Fishing
Stone Cold: District 2, Masonry
Smoke and Ashes: District 12, Coal Mining
Agro: District 11, Agriculture
Mahogany Magic: District 7, Lumber
Harvest Moon: District 9, Grain
Riveting: District 3, Technology/Mechanics
Electrify: District 5, Power
Luxe and Lush: District 1/The Capitol, Luxury

I don't want to wear Harvest Moon or Agro, but I would totally wear Cinna-mon or We Could Runaway. And be still my beating heart when I see Baker's Son, whereas Mahogany Magic is one of the lamest nail polish names I've ever heard, even from non-licensed brands. Don't get me wrong, I love China Glaze and their polishes, but they, like OPI are usually so clever with their names. 

Further research of this change of names lead me to finding out that there was much more involved to this situation.
Los Angeles-based American International Industries, which says it is the country's largest privately-held manufacturer of personal care and beauty products, filed a lawsuit Wednesday in LA Superior Court. The company claims that it closed a deal in late October to create a Hunger Games-branded version of its "China Glaze" nail polish, as well as contribute to the promotional campaign for the adaptation of the popular Suzanne Collins novel that Lionsgate is hoping will be a mega-blockbuster movie series similar to Twilight.
But shortly after Lionsgate executives signed the contract, according to the complaint, the studio made statements to the press that the deal was "not happening," and asked American to say that the parties "were merely 'discussing' a 'possible' promotional deal." American says it refused to lie, prompting a Lionsgate attorney to send an email on Nov. 17 saying that the studio was "terminating" the contract.
"However, the contract does not permit Lionsgate to unilaterally terminate," argues the complaint, a copy of which was obtained by THR. "Lionsgate attempted to justify its actions by claiming that American had supposedly 'leaked' information about the contract to the press. The claim was and is completely untrue--American did not 'leak' any information, and so informed Lionsgate immediately." - The Hollywood Reporter

It still don't know why they didn't keep the names from the beginning, but I guess in the end it doesn't really matter. I hope that if they decide to make all the books into movies, then we can expect more to the point nail polish with better names. I think truly, I just want a Finnick nail polish. Just me?
Will I buy The Hunger Games nail polish? As I said, I'm not as excited about it now as I was when I first came across it, but will that stop me from buying it? I'm honestly undecided. If I do decide to buy it, I may remake the labels so that they have the original names on them. That way I really can say I'm wearing Heat Of The Moment.

How about you? What do you think about all this?

Thanks to Hollywood Life and Fashionista for being fashionably geeky over this with us.

May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor

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