Friday, February 4, 2011

Han And Leia - A Romantic Comedy

If this were an actual movie, I would totally go see it.
Oh wait... it is :P
But seriously though, that would make a great romantic comedy and I just happen to love that genre. Not to mention that the voice over was perfectly placed and seemed to be made for this trailer and not "You've Got Mail"

She was a Princess with rebellious ties,
He was a scoundrel who was only in it for himself


I guess while we're on the topic of Star Wars romantic comedies, we could do a whole bunch

She was a Senator who wanted peace for her planet
He was a Jedi apprentice forbidden to fall in love

She was the Emperor's Hand, sworn to revenge his death
He was the Jedi who helped bring him down
They were sworn enemies that fate could not keep apart

She was a slave dancer for a mobster Hutt
He was a bounty hunter who loved the chase...

He was a gambler who lost his ship
He was a scoundrel with an eye for easy money
could there bromance last in the face of the empire?

She was a Princess of a lost planet
He was a farm boy from a far off world
What would happen when they found out they were twins?

That last one is just too weird :P

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