Monday, February 14, 2011

A Geek For Valentines Day

Yes, Valentines Day is here again. Geeks and Nerds of all kinds are gathering together to show their Geeky love for one another.
Not sure how to show your love for the nerd of you life?
Try some of these Valentines Day cards to really show that you care in a way that they will truly understand.

Show him he's a real Superhero!

I'm actually surprised that Batman is wishing us a Happy Valentines Day. He seems like he would usually be too moody for something like love. But then again, sometimes Batman surprises even me!

The great thing about DC and Valentines Day is that there really is a fanart out there somewhere to define any relationship you might have.

There are also so many great video game themed cards out there that take us back to simpler times of 8-bit

 These cute cards are available here from PaperRockScisorz

If you think pop culture is more the way to go, try these on for size

Check out more Me + You cards here

 For more great Star Wars Valentines, check out my post from last year!

These Sailor Moon ones crack me up!


If you're a fan of online comics like I am, these Girls With Slingshots valentines are perfect!

WEll, no matter what you're into or who you love, there's a perfect valentines out there for you. Now you know (and knowing is half the battle)

Have fun out there and as always, please be safe too 
Happy Valentines Day!

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