Thursday, March 31, 2016

Thursday Threads - New And Totally Awesome!

I love when new stuff comes out, especially when it all seems to come out at the same time! The only problem is trying to decide who gets my money first!

Couldn't make it to WonderCon? Yeah, me neither. But I am super glad that Her Universe didn't wait too long before releasing their new outfits, starting with these awesome hoodies

I want them both, like right now

This blood stripe cardigan makes my heart stand still, swoon....

Living Dead

It seems that Living Dead has been on a Simpsons kick as of late, and who can blame them when they come up with awesome designs like these

love me some Kang and Kodos

Everything's coming up Milhouse

I've never been a fan of Itchy and Scratchy, but these skull dresses are pretty amazing

Black Milk

It seems that someone is excited about the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie. These dresses would be great for the premiere 

These shirts make me laugh,because if you're chesty at all, you're going to have abs on your boobs

Pinup Girl Clothing

Lovecraft fans rejoice! Check out adorable Cthulhu and friends on these new items! Oh man, I want them sooooo bad it's making me crazy


Are you a Social Justice Warrior? Or are you like me and feel that maybe you'd be better as a Rogue or a Bard? Now you can choose!
These great designs were floating around Tumblr for awhile and got so many notes that the creator decided to get them made! The first sets have been sold, but you can pre-order more

STEAM Angels: Smart Dresses For Smart Women

a great company called Svaha has kickstarted these amazing dresses based on the different acronyms of STEAM:





& Math

Aren't they gorgeous as well as being smart?

So what new duds will you be wearing?

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