Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thursday Threads - Dress to Quest

Are you stuck living in a boring reality? Do you loose yourself in books just to get away?
Ever feel like you need an adventure? Well, they say dress for the life you want, and if you want to hero or villain, these clothes from Living Dead can help you do just that. Worn together or separate, these dresses and leggings are sure to slay at any party or dragon hunt



Battle Maille

You can ever choose who to align yourself with, with multiple colours!


Tired of being human? Who isn't? Wouldn't you rather be an Elf or a Nymph or a Dragon?

Elvan Mage

Dragon Queen

Water Nymph

Tired of being Lawful Good? Try a little Evil on for size. Take over an Empire, or a Kingdom or the Underworld in style!


Dark Sorcerer 


Okay, so these aren't part of the collection, but I find them fitting even if they are considered Steampunk. When I look at them, I see a stylish Rouge or Bard.

D&D not your style? How about a different sort of quest? Screw saving the World from Dragons, save it from evil villains that want to take over your home town!

It's Morphin Time!

Or you can choose to adventure online instead!

Or your favorite console

Some of us just like to go down the rabbit hole to see what we can find

What kind of adventure are you looking for?

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