Wednesday, November 4, 2015

A Punk-Rock Pokemon Halloween!

Over the last few years, Adam and I have done Couples Costumes for Halloween. I absolutely love this! This year, since we've been playing and watching Pokemon, we decided to go as Pokemon for Halloween. But like always, we decided to do this with a twist!  (What a twist!)
So instead of just going as Clefairy and Cubone

We decided to go Punk Rock!

So here are some awesome pictures of our costumes!

This worked so well with his bike, Velma

I'm really quite proud of all the little extras of my costume; the pokeball on my back pocket, my bedazzled jacket and my awesome knuckle tattoos

(not seen: my social justice pokemon pins on my jacket that say "Pokeball ≠ consent" and "My Evolution, My Choice")

Adam's extras are just as awesome. He had the kick-ass Cubone skull commissioned from Biliousworks and she now has them up on her etsy sight to order!
I made the shirt (which I'm quite proud of) and the rest of his costume was his biker gear.

And, of course, it wouldn't be Halloween without my best friend Eric, who made a very scandalous Viking

Also, it's not Halloween without our trip to Church Street to see all the costumes!

Okay, so there weren't a lot of costumes this year worth taking pictures of. We, however, got stopped every few meters and had hundreds of pictures of us taken. I don't even think people knew what we were, but it was still pretty flattering

I mean, how could you not want to take pictures of these two hunks ;)

Here's a better picture of my jacket

aren't we adorable?

It feels just like a Harlequin romance!
"Love in a poke-place"

or perhaps war in a poke-place

Looks like I'm not the only adorable Clefairy around these parts

or  Fionna for that matter
What can I say? Even my comfy clothes or cosplay

Hoped you enjoyed this look into our fun Halloween

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