Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday Threads - Biowear Beauties

Okay, so I totally missed posting this picture on November 7th, so I'm making up for it by doing a Thursday Threads featuring awesome clothing from the Biowear store.

I love it when game companies take their fans seriously and actually try and provide for them, especially when it comes to clothes. I love even more when they realize that their fan base is made up of women as well and cater to their needs, too.

Mass Effect

Adam and I are in the process of making our way through all of the Mass Effect games. We are currently on Mass Effect 2, and I have fallen in love with the series. I love the N7 armor and I want all of these outfits

I am in love with these 2 sweaters! I can't decide which one is better!

I am totally down with making these my work out clothes

And who doesn't love Tali? She's one of my favorite characters. Along with (Fem)Sheppard and Garrus

I really love the way they make their hoodies with all these little extras on the sleeves and the spots for finger holes and such. This one folds back and buttons if you don't want it around your fingers. 

I want all the leggings on this site!

Who doesn't love the stupidly hard to drive Mako?

This Paragon and Renegade hoddie is reversible so you can wear it however you're feeling! I always try to be Paragon, but sometimes my Renegade slips out!

Dragon Age

After we finish all of Mass Effect, we are planning on playing the Dragon Age games, but as it stands right now, I really don`t know anything about the game, other than it`s got wicked costumes and awesome clothes based on those costumes.

I love the design of this hoodie

See what I mean about all the awesome little details?

I'm loving this design!

remember what I said about wanting all the leggings? Well, it's true for Dragon Age as well!

Hope you enjoyed N7 day and this late post! Until next time, keep on gaming

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