Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thursday Threads - Her Universe Star Wars Celebration Edition

Star Wars Celebration started today and yet again I am missing it.... sigh....

Oh well, at least I can still buy the awesome new clothes being released by Her Universe, even if I'm not doing it in person.

I love this new ewok bag and the lightsaber Star Wars logo is amazing!

I'm so very glad that my favorite padawan lives! I can't wait to see the new Rebels episode where she shows up!

As much as I hate Salacious Crumb, this cupcake design is adorable!

I am in love with these new cardigans! I've always wanted something geeky that I could integrate into a more business casual setting and these are perfect! I can't decided which one I love more!

Be still my heart! Look at these dresses! So fancy, so sweet, so geeky! I love the pale colours and soft images that depict so much more than a first glance can tell!

As much as I would've love to buy these from Ashley herself, I'm still over the moon about these amazing new outfits!

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