Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tuneage Tuesday

You know how much I love featuring awesome videos of geek music, so I thought that instead of putting them all into 1 really long post every few months, I'd start doing a weekly post with a few of the best songs and videos that I have found.

So here we are with week one!

This song by Kate Micucci and Tony Thaxton will cheer you up on any bad day

Because it's true; puppets do understand

This amazing girl from Armenian named of Victoria Hovhannisyan appeared on Russia’s version of The Voice.

She can actually sing Diva Plavalaguna's song from The Fifth Element, you know, this one

It's still my favorite part of that movie.
Just listen and be amazed

This last song is an actual music video, but it's so cute, I couldn't leave it out.
George Ezra invited Sir Ian McKellen to be in his video and he does everything he can to outshine the singer. It's quite adorable

I'm not sure what I like watching more in this video, Sir Ian dancing or George's pretty lips....
Either way, this geek is happy

Thanks to Nerd Approved for all the tips

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