Saturday, February 7, 2015

Video Game Pulp Novel Covers

Reading is awesome. I especially love when artists pull together 2 things that I love, reading and pop culture. These following video games have been transformed into pulp covers, gorgeous enough that not only do I want to read them, but I'd also like to have them framed and on my wall.

Ástor Alexander is the artist of these 4 amazing classic covers


The Metroid one is my favorite! I'd really like to have it framed on my wall. It took me a bit of searching, but I managed to find his Society 6 page where you can purchase them! (well, the Nintendo ones anyway)

These next few are pretty fun as well. Shutterstock got the idea to make these fun romance covers and asked Echo Chernik to use their stock footage as a reference to create these delightful re-imagined romances

The Pac-man one cracks me up and I absolutely ship Ryu & Ken. I didn't realize that anyone could ever make me feel sorry for that  damned Duck Hunt dog, but I stand corrected.

Thanks to GeekXGirls who knows what geeky girls want to read

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