Sunday, October 20, 2013

Miracle Romance - A Sailor Moon Cosmetic Line!

I've talked about how much I love geeky make-up and nail polish many a time, but I'm not sure I've ever wanted any of them as much as I want this line.

I've always been a huge Sailor Moon fan and I love collecting anything Sailor Moon that I can get my hands on.  And right now, I'm wishing I knew someone in Japan....

Introducing Miracle Romance by Premium Bandai

Yes, with the 20th Anniversary of Sailor Moon and the re-release (hopefully) happening this year, Japan is getting their very own make-up line, featuring eyeliners, lip stick (balm?), powder and nail polish


The eyeliner comes in two different types, liquid and pencil.
The liquid eyeliner is a felt tip applicator (which I love) and features Sailor Moon on the packing, available in both black and brown (above)
The eyeliner pencils come in Sailor Moon, a shimmering white, Sailor Mercury, a navy blue, and Sailor Mars, in burgundy (below) 
There is no word yet if they will add Jupiter and Venus to the line, but I hope they do.

Lip Stick (Balm)

The Sailor Moon lip balm in the shape of her first wand is fantastic!
It's blended with evening primrose oil, collagen, jojoba oil and vitamin E. Apparently, it tastes like peach! I really, really want one! Not only do I have a lip balm addiction, but how cool would it be to carry this palm sized wand around in your pocket or purse?

Face Powder

How amazing is this Sailor Moon R locket face powder? The lockets that they've made over the years have always been toys and made out of cheap plastic and have looked pretty crappy. Here is the chance to own a really nice one and to make it functional as well!

Nail Polish

I find myself torn about the nail polish line. I really, really, really like the packaging, but the nail polish it's self doesn't really look all that impressive. Since I'm a huge nail polish user, I'm not sure if I would use them and then refill them with better polish or whether I would end up just keeping them on display.

I do love it though, it reminds me of them transforming

Man, I wish it were that easy to paint my nails.

Or, I could always buy the nail stickers instead.

I like the bottom row the best!

This amazing line of cosmetics drops in December, but has already sold out in pre-sales, in an exclusive Japanese market.
sigh... Oh well, guess I'll just have to start checking ebay for them then.

Thanks to Aramatheydidn't!, Sailor Moon Collectables, Fa Fo Fi, PiuPiuPenguin, and Swatchgirl for the awesome info

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