Thursday, November 14, 2013

Black Milk Adventure Time

Adventure Time, c'mon and grab your friends
We'll go to very distant lands...
With Jake the Dog 
And Finn the Human
The fun will never end, it's Adventure Time!

Oh Adventure Time. Nothing can make me Squee in delight and also be absolutly creeped out at the same time like you can.
I'm on a bit of a legging kick, which is weird for me. I don't really like leggings, or at least I didn't, until I came across a really awesome pair of Star Wars ones at Hot Topic. Now I want more. Especially Adventure time ones. But the ones at Hot Topic just aren't nice enough.
Thank Glob for Black Milk.
Yes, they're back again, keeping their streak of amazing pop culture clothing going with a new Adventure Time line!
There are a ton of different patterns and most of them come in leggings, bathing suites and dresses.
Here are some of my favorites.

Can you cram any more characters onto these leggings?

These ones aren't as busy, so you can apprciate the characters on them more.
I'm glad that Lady Rainicorn is one them. She's pretty awesome.

BMO!! I love BMO! How could I not? He's adorable, sweet and kind. Not to mention, she's gender nutral. What's not to love?

I want to be BMO. Or at least wear these leggings with the dress.

Gunter!! I love Gunter and Guntarina and Gunthar and all the other Gunters.
I think this shirt would be awesome with these leggings

Oh my Glob, you guys! These LSP leggings are, like, totally rad.

While I was purusing Black Milk, I decided to take a look at their new Christmas line and here are a few cute leggings that I found.
These Gingerbread men would be awesome to wear while I bake.

Or for curling up with my hunny when it's cold and snowing outside.

I don't know what these have to do with Christmas, but they're awesome!

Tentacles? Very Cthulu or Hentai...
Or Steampunk, I guess. They seem to have a thing about Octopus.
It's not very Christmas-y though.
But who cares? I love them!

So much great stuff.
Which ones do you find Algabraic?
Do you like the ones I picked out or is your heart set on one of the dresses or bathing suites?
Let me know.

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