Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Calvin And Hobbs Take On Comic Books

Who doesn't love Calvin and Hobbs?
When I see Calvin and Hobbs I think of my childhood and the awesome imagination that comes with it. Anything and Everything was real and you could make anything you wanted happen.

Calvin is the perfect example of this.
So what would happen if Calvin was more into comics?

Well... you get this

Yes, the plot of Spiderman really does seem like a story told by children, doesn't it? Guess that's kind of what makes it awesome.

Chainsaw Batman and Tyranno-Shark!!! YES!!!!!
We totally need more of this! We need an entire comic of this!!

But since there isn't one (other than the original) you should check out It's a Good Life, a web comic by Ninjaink, who drew these fantastic comics.

Thanks to Nerd Approved for approving of Chainsaw Batman, but then again, who wouldn't approve?

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