Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Geek Girl Fashion And Accessories Part 1

I love showing off my geeky pride.

art by ForeverWars

It's pretty easy to tell I'm a geek. When I'm not at work, I'm almost always in a graphic t-shirt. I carry either a Yoda, Grover or my Talk Star Wars To Me bag, and for awhile, a Star Wars purse (before it fell apart). Even when I'm at work, in a corporate setting, I'm still wearing my Batman earrings
I also have a Star Wars charm bracelet, an R2-D2 swimsuit, tons of geeky socks and an R2-D2 toque that was handmade for me.

But is that ever enough? Maybe I want something a bit more girly? Maybe some dresses?

BlackMilk, as always, has the answers
and a brilliant Star Wars line

Yes, I own this dress as a swimsuit and it is awesome!!!!
You can also get it as the 2.0 more realistic version, but I like mine better.

This is actually one of my favorite pieces of Slave Leia art. I absolutely love it as a dress

I'm not sure why, but this Stormtrooper dress might be one of my favorites.

They also have a Lord Of The Rings line, which I find oddly disturbing and fun.

I really do love the Middle Earth Map dress though

Also, not to be overlooked, are these awesome Game Boy dresses. They come in blue (as pictured) green, pink, teal, purple and yellow.


Keep in mind, these are just some of the dresses you can get there, you should also check out their swimwear and leggings

Another cute dress is this cartoon word print dress from Top Shop

It comes in a skirt as well, but I totally love it as a dress

If you're looking for more of a handmade feel, check out these amazing dresses and skirt from ReStitch Retro

Can I just say that I love this Doctor Who dress!

The nice thing about these dresses is that you can pick out which fabric you want her to use. That's awesome.

Fun leggings are all the rage these days. So geeky and fun leggings are even better!
I found these, and many other great ones over at Storenvy

I totally want Sailor Moon leggings!

Now, I really want to go into geek accessories, but I fear that it'll make this post way too long, so I'm breaking it into 2. Tune in shortly for Part 2

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