Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Year Of The Fangirl

Think it's the Year of the Snake?
Think again.

This year marks the Year of the Fangirl. Well, at least over at Her Universe.


I think that this is amazing! I've always been a firm supporter of Her Universe and their never ending quest to make geek girls feel awesome about themselves (and their awesome clothes), and this is just another step in the right direction. 

We geek girls need more love and support in our lives. 
It's certainly not easy to be a geek and a girl. I should know. Most people don't get you or understand why you love what you love. In the last year alone I've been told that I should grow up, get a real hobby or that I should be more lady like in my pursuits. I've even been made fun of for running this blog (which is stupid, because my blog rocks!)

Of course I don't let any of this get me down, because I love myself and my geekyness and I don't care what anyone else thinks. I have wonderful friends, who are super supportive and those are the people I share my time with.

But that's me. Not all girls, geeky or otherwise have a strong network of friends or solid self-esteem. These are the girls that we need to reach.

Know a geeky girl? Nominate her for the Year of the Fangirl here. Show her that's she's important to you and that there is a community out there that welcomes her with open arms.
Share the geeky love.

Thanks to Ashley Eckstein for giving us all a place to belong

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