Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Geek Girl Fashion And Accessories Part 2

So, I don't usually do 2-parters, but post 1 was already getting pretty long and I hadn't even gotten to awesome accessories yet, so I decided to break off and do a separate post about them.

Sometimes we don't or can't show our geeky pride off as much as we'd like to. For example; I have to wear business casual clothes for my job. Even on casual Fridays, I'm not allowed to wear graphic t-shirts. Believe me, if I could, I would wear my Star Wars shirts to work. But since I can't, I have to be more creative with my geek pride.

Enter Accessories.

I wear my Batman earrings to work every day. Heck, I even wore them to a wedding once.
Geek jewelery use to be really hard to find, but with the growing girl geekdom out there, more and more jewelery is showing up on the market.

How can I not start this off with Her Universe.

When they first brought out their charm bracelet, I had to have it.

I totally love it, although I don't have all the charms yet, I love the ones I do.
What's also great about it, is that they have matching earrings to go with them!

I love the Naboo earrings sooooo much!!

Once upon a time, HU only catered to Star Wars fans, but since they've expanded, they've added these to the roster, Star Trek earrings and a Battlestar necklace.

HU isn't the only place to find BSG jewelery. The Nova Geek is offering these awesome pieces.

Think this necklace is amazing? It gets better!

That's right! It's two necklaces! You can either wear it as one or share it with someone you love!
To round off your BSG look, try these bad boys on for size.

Being a huge Sailor Moon fan, I really want these pieces from Annamax.
How could I even say no to Sailor Moon lockets? The problem is deciding which one I like the most.

C's Charms offers a whole variety of geeky fun. I narrowed it down to must-haves, but it was really hard and there are still a lot.

These are just the Doctor Who ones I want

Video Games

Cartoons and Movies

And random ones I just love and want

Seriously though, go and take a look at the site. You will find something you like, I guarentee it.

Lastly, we have Star Wars rings from Swank Metal Smithing

It's funny that the first ting I noticed was that there wasn't a Rebel Alliance ring. But I guess not all girls are rebels at heart like this one is. Still very cool though.

So how do you show your geek pride? Drop me a note and let me know

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