Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Lightsaber Umbrellas

It's raining again.

That seems to happen a lot in the Spring. It's cold and wet, but it's cleaning the streets of all of Winter's crap, nourishing our gardens and helping to make things grow. I love the rain. I prefer the warmer Summer rains that I can go out and dance in, but all rain is good in my books. I know, I'm weird like that. While I'm loving the rain, most people don't feel the same. As soon as those first few drops start to fall, they run for shelter as if Godzilla himself were on the loose.
The other thing that I love about the rain is umbrellas. Umbrellas use to be boring, unless you were a kid, but these days you can find all sorts of awesome, colourful umbrellas that fit your personality. My umbrella is giant, pink and has red poka-dots on it. Yes, it's that awesome. It is beginning to fall apart after years of use though, so maybe it's time for me to get a new umbrella, something that really makes a statement about who I am....

But where can I find such a thing? The Star Destroyer Umbrella is still in concept...

What's this? Think Geek has something to show me?

This IS the umbrella you've been looking for.

Beyond the Outer Rim, spins a stormy planet. Long, long ago, climate change led to all the continents being submerged - forcing the inhabitants to build cities on stilts. The planet is, of course, known (by the few who know) as Kamino. Apart from always being rainy, it's a place famous for two exports: clones and Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas. While we can't sell you any clones (against Republic Law), we sure can sell you the 'brellas!
These Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas are just freaking awesome. The hilts have been scaled down a bit, so they are very comfortable to hold. And while the shafts don't light up, they are anodized (and a little sparkly) in the proper blade color. The canopy part even has the saber owner's affiliation insignia (Jedi or Imperial) silk-screened on it. These Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas are ready to turn heads while keeping yours dry! If you don't use one of these Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas, you will get wet when it rains. And then Vader will sadly bellow, "Nooooooooo!"

Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas
  • Each umbrella has a different Lightsaber hilt (slightly scaled down for easier use).
  • While it doesn't light up, each shaft is anodized in the proper color for the saber's blade.
  • Each umbrella part has silk-screened insignia (either Jedi or Imperial) of the corresponding faction of the saber's owner.
  • Choose yer saber:
    • Anakin - blue shaft - Jedi insignia
    • Darth Vader - red shaft - Imperial insignia
    • Obi-Wan - blue shaft - Jedi insignia.
  • Carrying sheath (with shoulder strap) included.
  • Fully licensed Lucasfilm collectible.
  • Dimensions:
    • Canopy Diameter: 47"
    • Total Length: 39" 
Oh, Think Geek! I love you so! How did you know that this is exactly what I needed? How do you always know? Now, which one do I want? I've always loved Obi-Wan's lightsaber, but it looks to be the most uncomforable to hold out of all of them. I love the handle and colour of Anakin's, but do I really want Anakin's when I could have Darth Vader's or Obi-Wan's? Darth Vader's is pretty awesome, but I've always been more about the light side of the force than the dark... Oh what to choose...
Which one do you think I should get? And of course, which one is your favorite? Drop me a line and let me know. I do love comments, you know...
Thanks to So Geek Chic who also likes to stay dry and geeky at the same time.

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  1. Those are so cool! I was telling my boyfriend a while ago that these need to exist. And they do!
    I can't decide which one to get, either, so I'm no help there.
    By the way, I really enjoy your blog. :)