Thursday, April 5, 2012

Geek Coffee


Ever have those morning where you just can't wake up? I'm having one of those mornings. I haven't been sleeping well that last few nights and last night I stayed up way too late playing Angry Birds Space.

You know what I need? I need a big-ass cup of coffee.

What about some geeky coffee, made for gamers who need the caffeine to stay up gaming all night or for when they have to get back up in the morning?

9-Bit Coffee will do just the trick, I think.

Blended from nine different kinds of coffee bean (we’re not sure half of them are real), this premium java is at its best as an espresso, or with a splash of cold milk. Created for gamers, by gamers (FGBG), this caffeinated classic makes the perfect fuel for late night gaming marathons – or as a pick-me-up the following morning. So grab yourself a can, warm the espresso machine, pull on your sweat bands and load one of those big clunky cartridges – we’re powering back to the 1990’s! - buy it here 

Or, if you're like me, and you can't handle too much caffeine, there are geeky alternatives to coffee.

Remember Dark Side Coffee? You can now order a variety pack of Star Wars sippables from Think Geek.

Wake up with the galaxy's best

We scoured the galaxy far, far away for the beverages that get humans, aliens, and droids alike buzzing with energy. Here's what we found:

Vader's Dark Side Roast Coffee is commonly enjoyed by Dark Lords of the Sith while planning new Death Star construction, but is also enjoyed in the break room by your common stormtrooper. This hand roasted coffee is a true taste of the Dark Side. A blend of three diverse coffees and two different roasts creates a full-bodied, sharp, cup with spicy undertones and smoky, dark-roasted complexity. Give into your anger and sample a steaming cup and you will be rewarded with power beyond your imagination.

Dagobah Green Tea is the drink of choice of Jedi Masters. Just because a planet is devoid of civilization doesn't mean it's not civilized. Deep in the jungles of Dagobah grow the most delicious green tea leaves in the galaxy. If you need a moment alone to ponder the Force, do it while sipping a hot cup of Yoda's favorite tea.

Finally, Hoth Cocoa is guaranteed to warm you all the way to your bones. It's the preferred beverage of the Rebels of Echo Base. All you need are warm hand-knitted socks. When life gives you snow, melt it into water and use it to make a steaming cup of rich, creamy Hoth Cocoa.
Choose your breakfast beverage wisely. The fate of the galaxy depends on you.

I really want to try Yoda's Dagobah Green Tea. Considering the climate there, I imagine the vegetation is very lush and flavorful.

If we're going to be drinking geek coffee or tea, we need to do it out of geeky mugs. It's only fair, really. 
Now, I have a thing about mugs, as in, I like to collect them. There's nothing quite like drinking booze from the head of Han Solo, having a tea party with Disney Princess teacups or having juice in my "I only date Superheroes" mug. And that's just a small part of my mug addiction.

These mugs will one day make my collection a little more complete. That is, once they're back in stock.

The Warp Pipe mug is sheer awesomeness! Not only does it make me want to play some Mario, but it also comes with one of the coasters below! I want the question box!

Why is it that you can never find an E canister when you need one? This mug is no exception. I feel like this mug could mentally and physically help me jump start my day, but as in the game, this baby is hard to find.

Even more elusive than the E mug, is this conceptual Game Boy mug, that I really wish was real.

I can hear the game over music from Mario playing in my head as I look at the bottom of this cup. Doesn't it make you want to play again? I really hope they decide to make this into reality. Please Tiago Goncalves, make it so!

With arsenal including these mugs and coffee, I could be awake for days! But until they're in my hands, I think I'm just going to go have a nap instead.


A not as awesome, but still awesome replacement for the E container mug has been found on Think Geek!

Oh, Think Geek, my wish list from you keeps getting bigger and bigger...

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