Sunday, March 7, 2021

The Princess Is IN: Super Mario Bros. Wreath


Every once and awhile, I need to craft. Something comes over me and I can't rest until I've made something fun and new. This often comes in the form of a wreath. It's easy, I can change them as much as I want to suit the time of year. I love it. But last year, the year of the Dumpster Fire; 2020, I just could not come up with anything to be excited about. 
Then I found this awesome castle wood piece at the local fabric store and finally had an idea.

Level 1-1

Who doesn't love Super Mario Bros.? 

This entire craft was done with felt, craft paint, E600 glue, a skewer, an old crappy frame and a wooden castle.
It's been hanging outside in lieu of wreath since the fall and it's still holding together great! I may even go back to buy some more castles and do other levels too.

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