Thursday, June 29, 2017

Thursday Threads - Happy Harry Potter-versary

Can you believe that Harry Potter came out 20 years ago? That seems crazy. That's a lot of time to spend in the Wizarding World, but I would argue that it would be time well spent.

When they first made Harry Potter and the Philosopher's (Sorcerer's) Stone into a movie and everyone was getting excited about it, I found it super annoying. 
Give me a break. I was a teenager and teenyboppers were annoying as Hell. Anything they like, I immediately hated, as any teenager can attest to. My mom had borrowed the first few books from a neighbor kid and told me I wasn't allowed to judge it until I had read them for myself. So I picked up the first book, convinced that I would hate it and was swept away into a magical World and have never looked back since.

And I'm certainly not the only one who's had this experience.
Lots of people are celebrating this anniversary, including two of my fave geeky clothing boutiques. Let's check out what they are offering for this momentous occasion.

Can I just say how much I want to own these House leggings? All of them, not even the houses I'm loyal to.... I just want all of them. 

 And this cloak of invisibility poncho.... yes please...

Hedwig or Bertie Botts? I can't decide. I want both sets

Living Dead tends to offer the best in cosplay dresses and shirts and it makes me so happy that they've added this House collection

This dress makes me head over heels for Hedwig

So how will you be celebrating this occasion?

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