Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday Threads - Elhoffer Designs

for a long time, I kept seeing beautiful, geeky clothes made by Elhoffer Designs, but they were always just prototypes or not for sale and my heart always sunk a little. But now she has a website where you can buy or pre-order her new designs! And let me tell you, they are incredible.

Here's what her about us section says:
Elhoffer Design was founded by Catherine Elhoffer to create higher-end apparel for high quality geeks. The geek fashion world is saturated with clothing, but there are still gaps in the market that she hopes to fill by designing and sewing pieces that flatter the body, pulling from modern fashion trends, and helping her fellow geeks of the world to be both stylish and chic. She prefers a subtle geek nod in her designs, using silhouette, color, texture, and lines to tell the story of the fashion. Catherine hand-makes her custom pieces in her Los Angeles-based studio, designs new pieces in her studio, and oversees small productions run with Los Angeles factories for her mass produced pieces.

Let's check out her awesome collections

Galactic Royalty Collection

based on our beloved Star Wars ladies

You have no idea how long I've wanted an Amidala collection of clothing! Be still my geeky heart! I want that yellow Naboo sweater soooo much!

Galactic Apparel Collection

The Force is strong with this collection of awesome Star Wars sweaters and dresses

 Can I just say that I love that the Poe/Finn sweater is called the Galactic Bromance! Swoon!

Heroes and Villains Apparel

I'm in love with this collection of Marvel, DC & Ghostbuster outfits!

I ain't afraid of no Ghosts or Villains but I am afraid of living without these amazing sweaters

Interstellar Collection

It's easy to stay warm in the cold of space with these great sweaters and ponchos

I can't decide which I want to be: Command, Security/Engineering or Medicine/Science (or Green? and Wesley)

Everyday Witch Apparel

Which house do you belong to? I say I'm a Ravenclaw, but Adam thinks I'm a Hufflepuff 

 Can I be a Ravenpuff or a Huffleclaw if it means I can have more of these incredible sweaters?

Oh I just can't decide which ones I want the most!
 Guess I'll have to save up and get them all!

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