Thursday, January 21, 2016

Thursday Threads - Geeky Underwear

art by Jillian Deutsch

I'm tired of normal underwear. How many pairs can a girl own with flowers or stripes or polka-dots on them? Or of sexy underwear that feels awful and makes you wish you had just gone commando instead?

This is why I'm soooo glad that companies are finally figuring out that girls are geeks too and creating the market for us.

I've compiled as much geek underwear as I could find. So sit back, scroll through and find that new pair that's going to replace your raggedy old floral favorites

Can it be? Actual Star Wars bras? Be still my heart!

A good lingerie set is hard to fins on a good day, a geeky lingerie set is like finding a diamond in a sarlacc pit 

I want like 8 pairs of these Ursula panties

Old School My Little Pony and Barbie are my underwear dreams come true!

I always wanted sets like these when I was a kid. I never did get any. I guess here is my chance to do so now when I will really appreciate them

Awesome Underwear for the curvier of us ladies out there

I sooo badly want these Star Wars ones!

I love that Underoos are back! I totally want the Princess Leia ones

I hate when sets include a boring black pair in the middle. Lame

I've never been to a Spencers before, but they have a great selection of geeky underwear. I'm impressed

Detachable cape is totally impractical and totally awesome!

These awesome Power Ranger Panties come in a 5-pack featuring all your favorite prehistoric creatures 

Start any day right with Turtle Power

Such great Star Trek sets!

Feel awesome all day with Unicorn panties!



I know these are Christmas ones, but they were just too amazing to leave out

I actually bought myself these SW panties the other day. They are awesome, but sadly another case of a boring black pair in the middle

So, if the mainstream stores aren't carrying underwear that you like, try these geeky hand made pairs on for size

SciFeye Candy

Geeky garters! I am in love

So Effing Cute

These LOTR panties make me laugh every time


Nerds With Vaginas

For the naughty nerd in all of us

So did you find that special pair that will  make your day happier for knowing that you're wearing them? I know I found some

Now go show them off ;)

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