Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thursday Threads - Spider Gwen

art by Gan-91003
Spider Gwen is taking the geek world by storm and I am super excited about it. Although I have yet to get my hands on any of the comics yet, everything I hear about them is Golden!

Not only is she becoming a comic icon, but also a fashion one! Check out these great new Gwen inspired outfits

We Love Fine is pre-ordering this great new collection

I am enamored with this cardigan! It's sooo cute!

The great thing about fashion today is that we don't have to wait for big commercial companies to release merchandise for us, the fans can do that themselves with their own designs, places like Etsy give us amazing hoodies like this one from Coyote Pop Clothing

And Red Bubble gives you all sorts of options! Here are a few of my favorites

by taryndraws

by psychoandy

by childoftheatom

Aren't they amazing?

I also came across this awesome video about geek fashion that I thought I should share from DweebCast

Thanks to Set To Stunning for always keeping us fashionable

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