Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Geek Patrick's Day (and Pi Day)

Today is the day, isn't it? 
Today is St. Paddy's day and the day we all pretend to be Irish. 
I may only be adopted Irish, but I am a geek, so today I felt the need to combine the two together.

So here are all the Geeky St. Patrick's day pictures I could find!

Irish... Elvish... it's close enough

But for real, to all those out there who are genuinely celebrating today, I wish you all the best. 
And to those out there who just want to get drunk on green beer, have a blast, but remember to be safe

aaaand since I totally forgot about Pi Day on the weekend, here are some cutie pictures that I've been saving for just such a sweet occasion

art by Nicole Martinez

art by fablefire

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