Monday, March 2, 2015


Were you a BOOK IT! Kid? 
I sure was
I mean how can you go wrong with reading and getting free pizza for it?

The only way to get better at reading is to do it. The Pizza Hut® BOOK IT!® Program
motivates children to read more by rewarding them for their reading accomplishments.
It can be used to enhance programs that teach children how to read, support
comprehension and intervention programs, and encourage parents to spend more time
reading with their children at home.

30 years of BOOK IT!
That's crazy!

For those of you who don't know this program, all you had to do was read! Every time you hit a goal, you were given a star sticker and you stuck it onto your BOOK IT! pin (see below). Once your pin was full, you got a free personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut! 
Or at least that's what I seem to remember. Granted, it was a long time ago

these pins were holographic and the book opened and closed

I can't remember what year I started the BOOK IT! program, but I know that we had plenty of both pins growing up. Heck, I probably still have a few kicking around somewhere. Maybe you didn't have these ones, but came into it later? You can check out the other year pins here. I maybe remember the next one, but it's possible that Canada just continued to use the old ones.

Since it's 30th year is upon us, Pizza Hut wants to know where it's BOOK IT! Kids are. You can sign up here to become an official BOOK IT! alumni!

By "Across the Globe" they actually mean in the USA. 

To get myself on the map at all, I had to say that I was from NY. Well, whatever. I'm on there now! The only person in Canada, rocking the Awesome!

There is even a BOOK IT! store where you can buy t-shirts and such

I am sad that the shirts are unisex sizing, but they are still worth it.

I would totally wear this on my book bag! No one could deny that I was a Super Reader!

I really want this! I don't really know why, but I do!

So here is your chance to get involved in this amazing program, or revisit it, now that you're an adult. You can help inspire the children in your life to read. Share with them the wonder of the written word

Boo to only being held in the USA again, but it's still a great idea anyway.

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