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Her Universe Fashion Show Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of the Her Universe Fashion Show post. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, please check out Part 1.

Are you as intrigued as I am with all these beautiful outfits? I wish I had even a smidgen of this talent for fashion. There are so many wonderful outfits that I would create...

Caitlin Shindler
Designer and Model of Padme’s Rainbow Gown – Star Wars
 Starting with this one. I've always loved Padme and this gown has always been one of my favourites. I wish I had a summer wedding or something to go to so I could rock this dress. It's gorgeous!

Designer and Model of Amidala- Star Wars

 Speaking of amazing Padme dresses, this is based on my all time favourite! Given the nature of this costume, I think she did a fantastic job of updating it for couture wear

Designer and Model of Arcee – Transformers
It's amazing how she took something so blocky and made it so smooth without loosing any of the integrity of the original. That's a real transformation. I love that this dress actually does transform! Very cool 

Designer of Siren’s Embrace – The Little Mermaid

I really love the progression of colour in this dress; the soft sea foam green transitioning into the  deep emerald of Ariel's scales. It's very well done. The cute purple peep toe shoes just add a kick of fun to the whole thing. I'm not sure how I feel about the large seashell. My first thought is that I really want to use it as a cake pan and I can't get that image out of my head now. Guess I've got baking on the brain again. 

Designer and Model of Pikachu, I choose you! – Pokémon

 I love both the coat and the dress so much. The dress is quite stylish and could be worn for many different occasions and the coat is cute and practical. Also, can I just point out how much I love the shoes that she picked to go with this? Cute shoes, I choose you!


Designer and Model of Battlestar Galactica Classic Cylon Dress – Battlestar Galactica
I don't know why some of them got photo-shoots and others didn't. Maybe they were late?
This outfit is so fun and quirky. I love that they've made the  red cylon eye move back and forth across the bust. Very clever. Also, I'm not sure if the shoes light up or not, but either way, they're pretty cool looking.


Designer and Model of Ventress Gown – Star Wars
I am in awe of this gown. I love the deep blue in contrast with the vibrant orange and red. Gorgeous! The fact that she shaved all of her hair off for charity and is totally rockin' the look is even more awesome!

Erin Weathers
Designer of Euhdral – The Crystal Queen
I'm a little sad to admit that I have no idea what this is referencing. Not even slightly. I've googled it multiple times and can't figure it out.  I think it's a really amazing dress, I just wish I could appreciate how amazing it is.

Designer and Model of Metroid Samus Gown – Metroid

I'm a huge Set For Stunning fan, so I was super excited to see the costumes that Lindsay and Victoria had created. I was not disappointed. I've always found Samus to be a kick-ass woman, so it's very fitting. I love the fluid orange material in combination with the shoulder spikes and green accents. Absolutely stunning! This just may be my favourite out of all of them.

Designer and Model of Catching Fire – The Hunger Games
I love the scene in Catching Fire where Katniss spins and her wedding dress transforms into the Mocking Jay gown. I love the look of fire on the train of this dress. It actually does look like she's the girl on fire

Designer and Model of  Dixon’s Winged Vest – The Walking Dead

 Who doesn't love tough, but soft hearted Daryl Dixon? This biker chic is the perfect combination between rugged and elegant. I love the lacing up the sides of the dress and the angel wings on the back are amazing


Sadee Umrapel
Designer and Model of ASTER (Aperture Science Transforming Environmental Regalia) – Portal
What a cute idea for a Portal dress. I never thought I'd see a dress that could actually transport you from one side to another. Very cleverly done.


Victoria Schmidt
Designer and Model of The Iron Throne Gown – Game of Thrones
This is the other lovely lady from Set To Stunning, posing as the imposing Iron Throne. The threatening swords seem to lose their edge, but not their glamor, in gold taffeta and black tulle. Very impressive.


Andrea Schwartz
Designer of Arya Stark – Game of Thrones

On the topic of A Song of Ice and Fire,  this outfit has managed to pull off a trendy tomboy look.
I love the hoodie and very much want one for myself


Jessica Gonzalez
Designer of Solar Flair – Iron Man
 One needs a lot of attitude to pull off this Elvis-esque Iron Man, and she's got in in spades.
I love the light-up arch reactor and mermaid skirt so much!

Kristin Koga
Designer of The Complexity of His Jumpers – Sherlock
For those of us who are SherLOCKED, we can easily appreciate this dress as an homage to our favorite sidekick and his amazing jumpers. This dress looks super comfy and I just love the colours.

Designer of “Great Skirt, Marty!” – Back to the Future

This Delorean design was winner of the competition. I love the flame stockings, the flux capacitor shirt and the date/time clock bracelet, to help make sure you won't run outatime. 

Designer of Regina’s Curse - Once Upon a Time

This incredible outfit is as magical as Regina herself. What starts as her winter wear from Storybrooke quickly transforms back into her wicked gown from her own Kingdom! Amazing! This outfit won the audience choice award and I can see why.

Her Universe has finally released the video from this event. Although it doesn't show every outfit in detail, it does give you an amazing overview of what it must've been like to be there.

Let's hope they decide to make this an annual event.

Thanks again to Popsugar, BitspitterSet To Stunning,  for all the awesome pictures and information.

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