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Her Universe Fashion Show Part 1

 Back in March, Her Universe made an announcement, calling all geeks and designers alike to submit their ideas for a Geek Couture contest. After all the entries were in, 36 designers were selected to enter the Her Universe Fashion Show at SDCC this year, sponsored by Her Universe, Hot Topic and Nerdist Industries.

 This unique fashion show brings together 36 designers, professional and amateur, male and female – who come from all over the country and have been preparing for months to premiere their original and strikingly geeky female fashion designs. The designers will compete for two grand prizes – an opportunity for both winners to co-design a Her Universe fashion collection for Hot Topic. A panel of celebrity judges will choose one winner while the audience will choose the other. The designs can embrace anything that is celebrated at Comic-Con – from sci-fi films and TV to comics, gaming, fantasy and more.
- Her Universe Blog
The show was July 24, yet it's been quite an undertaking to get all the information and pictures that I've needed for this blog post. Actually, I found so many pictures that I had to break this post into 2!
I will showcase all the designers and what their outfits looked like on the runway and even a reference picture for those who may not know the source. If you would like any more information on any of the designers, click on their name and it will take you to their Her Universe bio.
Designer of Ashley’s Totoro Fashion Gown

I am so in love with this Totoro gown! I want one just like it! How amazing is that sequinned top and that tulle mermaid skirt! Ashley hosted the show in this dress, releaving to onlookers that Her Universe will be releasing a Studio Ghibli line soon!

What's not to love about this adorable death spirit?

Designer of Loki evening dress – Thor 

I love everything about this outfit from the tulle train to the feathered horns! Even the Model was perfect. Doesn't she look like she wants to get up to some mischief? I was actually surprised to find out that this didn't win. I would've voted for it. It's one of my favorites from the show.

Designer of Effie’s Trinkets – The Hunger Games

I loved this dress from the Hunger Games, but I love it even more as a corset and tulle shirt. Effie would've been green with envy.

may the odds be ever in your favor

Designer of Dalek Wedding Dress – Doctor Who
I think this would actually make an amazing wedding dress for a Doctor Who themed wedding. I totally think her amazing bouquet could use a small plunger and a whisk in it to make is absolutely perfect.


Designer of Bryzah (Mystique) – X-Men

I love this blue mermaid dress! It really does scream Mystique. I like to think that the sheer blue fabric is her skin beginning to transform into a more non-mutant disguise.

Isabelle Scott
Designer of Wolverine: Love Interrupted – X-Men

As much as I love the Wolverine appliques on the front of this dress, its the back of it that I love the most. The clawed gloves and the make-up are pretty impressive too.


Designer of Doctor Doom – Fantastic Four
I love Doctor Doom! I've thought about cosplaying him numerous times, but could never figure out how I wanted to do the outfit. THIS is exactly what I want! I want this in my closet!

Designer of Lonely Assassin – Doctor Who
 When I first saw this outfit, I wasn't all that impressed. The front of it is almost lackluster in comparison to the others. But then I saw the back and almost swooned. Look at those wings! I won't blink, because I don't want to take my eyes off of them! 

Designer and Model of The Time of Your Life – Death, DC Comics

 I don't know much about the Sandman comics, but I've always been drawn to the character Death. I feel the same about this dress. It's just so darn stylish. I feel like this might be the only design that would actually be wearable on the street. I would totally wear it.

Designer and Model of I am selfish. I am brave – Divergent

 This is a series I know nothing about, other than it's really popular and they just made a movie about it. This dress has made me curious enough that 'm thinking about picking it up so I can find out more.

Designer and Model of When in doubt, Pinky up! – SpongeBob SquarePants 
I've never been a big fan of SpongBob, but I think this outfit is totally adorable!

Designer of Luna – Harry Potter

Who would ever think that lovable Luna Lovegood could be so chic? I love the removable shall for that bit of extra sass. The Spectrespecs and the Quibbler and wand in her purse are a nice touch.


Designer of Starfleet’s Finest - Star Trek
Trek Chic! Not only is this a gorgeous outfit, it also has a very heartfelt story behind it.
You can read it here (I highly recommend it)
Designer and Model of The Hobbit Wedding Gown – The Hobbit

 I didn't realize when I first saw this that the main material on the gown has the map of Middle Earth on it and the front of the gown has page print on it, in what I can only assume is from the Lord Of The Rings. She also had a cute mechanism that lifted the front of her gown and showed her Eye of Sauron  bloomers! Too cute!


Designer of Golden Age Gloria - Golden Age

I never got into Devil May Cry enough to make it to 4, which is too bad, because Gloria looks pretty cool. Based on her design, I think she did an amazing job of making her super stylish. I love the feather accents on her shoulders and the lace down the sides of the dress.


Grace Duval
Designer of Thrace – Battlestar Galactica

There are few Women in Fantasy/SciFi who are quite as kick-ass as Kara Thrace. Even with the tres chic nature of this outfit, she managed to embody Starbuck with everything that makes her who she is. I have no idea what the skirt is made out of, but I love it!

Designer and Model of Whovian Scarf Dress with Tin Dog Purse – Doctor Who

don't you think she would make an amazing River Song?
In comparison to the other designs, this dress doesn't seem to be quite as runway worthy.  It's super stylish, but yarn look just doesn't compare to all the silks and tulle of the other designs. Now don't get me wrong, I think it's amazing and the most likely to transition into everyday geek wear. I hope she decided to make a run of them and sell them online. I think they would sell like hotcakes.

Designer of Knight out in Gotham – Batman 

 Who doesn't love the Night? This vixen is certainly the embodiment of the night as far as I'm concerned. I love the bat neckline and the off the shoulder design. The grey and black stripes remind me of Batman's costume and the cape is the perfect touch.

Lindsay Hamilton
Designer of The Architects of Time – Doctor Who
When I first saw this outfit, I was sure that it was Queen Amidala, but on closer inspection, I realized that it was the Gallifreyan timelords from Doctor Who. What an amazing costume. I've always loved the regality of reds and golds together. I really love the golden mantle she's wearing.

Part 2 will follow shortly, once Her Universe finishes updating their designer bios.

Thanks to Popsugar, BitspitterSet To Stunning for all the awesome pictures and information.

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