Monday, May 12, 2014

Her Universe Star Wars Weekend Release

Spring is finally here! YAY! 
which means Summer isn't far behind. And with Spring/Summer comes wonderful things...

Like Star Wars Weekends at Disney World...
And with Star Wars Weekends comes new Her Universe stuff! 

As usual, I wish I was heading down to Florida to join in these awesome, fun times
and wearing this new gear!


Ewoks will shout “Yubnub!” when they see this adorable hooded tank complete with furry Ewok ears on the hood. Wear it on your next trip to Endor or Disney’s Star Wars Weekends!

Boba Fett

Inspired by everyone’s favorite bounty hunter, this new Her Universe Boba Fett hooded tank is right on target for Fett loving fans. 

Han Solo

If you love scoundrels then this Han Solo costume dress is perfect for you! Inspired by the Corellian smuggler with the heart of gold and featuring details from the actual costume. When someone says “I LOVE your Han Solo dress” you can say, “I know.” 


You’ll be flaunting fashion from the dark side when you pair this striking new Imperial tank top along with these new Imperial leggings featuring the recognizable images of Darth Vader and Stormtroopers.


Show your loyalty to the Rebel Alliance with this stunning red sequined fashion top featuring the Rebel Alliance’s “symbol of hope.”

Step out in style with this Force-infused Rebel Alliance skirt – colorfully displaying your loyalty to their message of standing up against the evil Galactic Empire

Star Wars Plus-Size

Our expectation regardless of age, shape and size is that every Fangirl should step into the spotlight and be celebrated. We are thrilled to start making more plus sizes a reality for Her Universe starting with this new Star Wars logo tee. 

A New Hope

Fashion with a blast from the past! This classic Star Wars dress features the original artwork from the 1970′s Star Wars bed sheets and is now the ultimate in stylish, vintage fashion.


Our heart belongs to R2-D2 with this cute t-shirt. It looks like his heart belongs to Fangirls as well!

You’ll look “geek chic” when you add this R2-D2 skirt to your Star Wars wardrobe. The plucky little droid will save the day when you’re looking for that perfect piece to mix and match.

Premiering at Star Wars Weekends is the new Her Universe collectible, high-end “My Hero Collection” jewelry line designed at The Sparkle Factory and made in the USA featuring everyone’s favorite little droid from the Star Wars franchise, R2-D2.

I want to live in that Rebel Alliance skirt!! I could totally get away with wearing it at work, too!
And that Boba Fett hoodie is totally rad! 
And the Han Solo dress... Akk! I want everything!!!
I can't wait until the Star Wars weekends are over and they offer them online. 

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