Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Customize Your Geekwear With Shoes of Prey

Ever wanted to take your cosplay or geeky fashion to the next level? Ever wish you could just make your own shoes to match your outfit perfectly?
Now you can with Shoes of Prey
That's right, you can now design your own shoes to go with whatever outfit or Fandom you want! The prices aren't all that bad either. They run from about $150-250 depending on your design.

Check out these comic designs by Mandy Kerr. Yes, you can buy these awesome shoes pre-designed to match your favourite comic book characters!

Comic Alliance wanted to get on this too and designed their own line at Prey.
Check out Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel and Batgirl (Stephanie Brown)



Poison Ivy


Lady Sif

Now, I can't resist the urge to spend hours designing my own shoes when given the chance, so here are mine.

Talk Star Wars To Me

Gold Leader (Rebel Alliance)

Throne Room Amidala

ANH Leia


Sailor Moon

Frakkin' Toaster

I could spend all day making shoes like this! Soooo much fun! Now I just have to save up so I can buy them all!

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  1. Great blog! Having customizable women's shoes but be able to let customers customize to their liking with the inclusion of having to choose from their favorite comic superhero character is simply great. It adds to the style and talks about the customer's personality through such shoes. Thank you.