Monday, November 5, 2012

Hello Kitty Star Wars

In the wake of Disney's announcement that it's buying the Star Wars/Indiana Jones franchises, people have been going crazy doing Disney/SW mash-ups. So much so that it's becoming a little crazy.
So today I thought I would give you a mash up on another kind; equally as rediculous.

Star Wars and Hello Kitty

Yes, It's been done in weird and crazy ways, but what I didn't know was that years ago, when Hello Kitty had it's own cartoon, that they actually did do a mash up.

It's pretty hilarious actually. I love that they got to the cantina/ice cream parlor and instead of chopping off arms, Obi Cat-Nobi throws ice cream at him.
Oh, what the power of the Fur can do....

Did you recognize all the voices from your childhood? Darth Catnip was the same voice as Penny from Inspector Gadget and I recognized the voice of the little C-DogPO thing, but I can't place from where.... Any ideas?

And remember, the Fur will be with you, always

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