Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Geek Chic

Want to wave your geek flag, but can't find anything that fits your elegant style? Tired of the same old graphic tees to show your fandom of choice?
It's time to branch out with Nerd Alert Designs!

This amazing etsy seller, is giving us geek girls a chance to branch out in our geek clothing choices and I, for one, am very excited!

Check them out!

a perfect summer outfit for every girl!
this romper features a soft, cotton darth vader print on top, with an all black short, side zipper and ribbon belt.

good luck NOT getting drinks bought for you when you hit the town in this cocktail dress!
flattering on all body shapes, this 1960's styled dress features a lovely squared neckline, small pleats and a small slit up the skirt back.


your ass will look OUTTA this WORLD in this time traveling pencil skirt!
this simple skirt will lead you into any adventure in style! whether you pair it with a fez and a bow tie or a simple red ribbon, you won't need a sonic screwdriver to impress anyone!

you will most certainly be the droid everyone is looking for in this hot number!
this pretty strapless dress is the perfect way to bring your love of star wars to any elegant occasion!
the top features everyone's favorite little fella printed on a soft cotton, with a beautiful cobalt bottom to match.


you'll put everyone in a mind melt when you walk by in this dress!
adjustable straps and deep pockets are just part of what makes this dress so amazing. kirk himself would have a hard time resisting the soft cotton top, flattering darts and gathered skirt!

oooh girl, you'll be stacking up the compliments in this hot number! this cute made to order dress features an 'x' shaped neck line, a charcoal background with colored tetris blocks falling from top to bottom. 


 your dates won't mind you being late when you look as good as you will in this dress!
this amazing printed skirt features text and illustrations straight from the book! the top features a high neckline and an open back, brought together by ribbon and vintage lace.

you'll be the feistiest beast on all of hoth in this cute costume!
this dress comes with matching boot covers (with ferocious claws, of course) a lovely bomber-style hat with horns, and plenty of tauntaun blood down the front (optional)

made special to order, this dress will give you the perfect outfit for any comic con, costume party, star wars day or winter outing!
with this purchase, you will receive one fuzzy vintage cut dress and one pair of matching shoe covers. you will also receive the accessories to transform your outfit into chewbacca (faux leather, hand painted bandolier) AND an ewok (ultra suede hoodie with fuzzy ears)
a fantastic outfit for any fangirl!

this sexy version of everyone's favorite rebel will have the bad guys falling at your feet!
the tight navy pencil skirt with red trim with the sexy black under bust vest is a sure shot!
han solo never looked so good!

  whether you're trapped in a haunted cabin, stuck in the middle ages or just shopping smart (shop s mart!) you will be fearless and fabulous in this cute evil dead dress!
each dress features a hand painted bloody chainsaw on the skirt, with a pocket placed just beneath it. once your hand is in that pocket- INSTANT CHAINSAW HAND!

Tell me these aren't amazing dresses? Go on, I dare you.
They're pretty spectacular, if you ask me.
It's so hard to choose which one is the best out of all of them, but if I had to choose, I think I would go with the Ash dress. Surprised? Yeah, I am a bit too. But really, how can I resist having a chainsaw hand? 
I love the print dresses for a more laid back geek feel, and I would have a hard time choosing between R2-D2 and Dr. Who prints.
As for the costumes, I'm totally there with the Han Solo outfit.

How about you? What outfit does your geeky heart long for? Drop me a line and let me know.

Thanks again to Nerd Alert Designs for making it chic to be geek

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