Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wonder Women Sticking Together

Do you remember a few weeks ago I did a blog post about Wonder Woman Costumes For A Cause? Well, I have some neat news about it. I received a message the other day from one of the Wonder Women who's running the contest!! Yes, that's right, they were actually reading my blog!
Here's what she had to say

 I just wanted to offer a super sincere thank you for the AMAZING post you wrote about our Wonder Woman Costume for a Cause Contest! I have been working on the project for a a few months now, and was SO excited that it's finally live and accepting entries. We're definitely thankful and depending on great and passionate ladies like you to help spread the word about the contest, and your post is above and beyond what we hope to see

I'll be sure to keep you updated and let you know when we have chosen finalists, etc. I'm so bummed that we can only accept US entrants! Would have loved to see some of your great ideas come to life.

It was my pleasure to reach out to you! It seriously made my morning when I found your amazing post. The YouTube video for the Wonder Woman Contest has nearly 5500 views, but we're sitting at only about 20 entries! So it's more important than ever that we keep hype up about the initiative

Thanks so much Brae. Update emails to come as the contest continues to unfold

Very cool!

I really do hope that more people decided to enter. It's such a great contest and the causes can be equally as wonderful.
Best of luck to all who entered and I can't wait to see the amazing results. This blog will follow this until the end, so stay tuned for more Wonder-updates.

Just a reminder, you don't need a contest to do something nice for others in your community.  Go out and volunteer or just be extra nice to people for a day. You never know who you can affect if you don't try

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