Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Batman Villain Crossplay

Hey all!
This is my first post from my phone, so bare with me until I can figure it out. I'm not great with stuff like this, but if I can get it to work, it means I will have a lot more opportunities to blog.

I've been invited out to FanExpo, by some new geek friends of mine. They're all dressing up as Batman villains, and I now get to be one too.

Most of the villains were taken before I was invited, so I had limited choice of who to pick. I thought about Killer Croc and Moth Man, I even considered going as the Ventriloquist, but then I saw that no one had taken the Penguin yet.

I have a soft spot for the Penguin, because he was such a gentleman criminal in the animated series. Also, penguins are my favorite animals.

So after some thinking, I decided to cross play and see if I could mix in some Zatanna charm and sex appeal.

I google searched to see if anyone's done it yet but only found one picture

Would you know that she was the Penguin? What do you think I should do to make it more obvious? I'm going to try and find a monocle and a cigarette holder, also mod my umbrella so that it at least looks sort of like a weapon. Maybe I'll make myself a penguin backpack or something.

One things for sure, I really need to get it, the con is next month.

Yes, Batman, I'm on it...

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  1. You could set yourself apart from the other Penguin crossplayer by basing your crossplay of the 60's Batman Penguin.