Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Michael - Long Live Play PS3 Commercial

I'm sure you've probably all seen this already, but I could help but post about it.
It's not often that I watch TV; I don't have cable or satellite or anything like that, so all the shows I watch have been previously downloaded or bought on DVD. On the rare occasion I do watch TV, I find myself bogged down in all the commercials and useless reality shows, but every once and a while, a gem emerges and gives me hope. This commercial was such the case.

While watching the soundless TV in a bar for a moment while waiting for my hot wings and beer (yes, I'm that kind of girl) I saw this commercial and immediately recognized a bunch of characters. Not knowing what it was about made it very hard for me to google later when I got home. It wasn't until today when catching up on my Geekologie, that I came across it again!

I'm not much of a gamer. I do have games that I play and love, but I didn't, by all means, know who everyone in the video was, and had to look it up.

Soldiers (Socom) -they start off.
Ghost (MW2) -walks by door.
Nathan Drake (Uncharted) -talking at bar.
Lightning (FFXIII) -listening to Drake.
Cole (InFamous) -talking to a bearded man.
Isaac Clarke (Dead Space) -leaning on the table.
Agent 47 (Hitman) - Sitting at that table w/ Ghost.
Snake (Metal Gear) -talking in the corner.
Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal) -playing chess.
Chell (Portal) -in the background.
Sackboy (Little Big Planet) -playing chess.
Athena (God of War) -talking.
Kratos (God of War) -next to Athena.
Paul Pheonix (Tekken) -behind Athena.
Little Sister (Bioshock) -listening to the Socom marine.
Ezio (Assassin's Creed) -templars murdered his family.
Rico (Killzone) -right after Ghost.
Chimera (Resistance) -it went rawr.
Michael (You) -at the end.

 Thanks Linkenberger

My favorite part of the whole commercial is the beginning when they show a close up of all the different currencies.
Another cool thing about this commercial is that the character "Michael" is actually a real person, as are all the photos of the people on the ceiling.

Apparently, at some point, they asked people to send in pictures of themselves holding their controllers. Well, these are those pictures. Who knows, you might be in this commercial or featured in another commercial like this in the future!

How cool is that?

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