Friday, March 25, 2011

You're Such A Doll

Hello my fellow geeksters.
I know, I know, it's been awhile. I had some major problems with my computer and had to reformat the entire thing, thus losing all the wonderfully geeky things I had lined up for this blog. It might be a little slow with the postings as I try and find new and exciting things to post about.
But in the mean time I thought we'd have a little fun. Or at least I would.
Ever wonder what you'd look like as a Sailor Scout? Or maybe as a Hogwarts student? How about an adventurer? I know I certainly have.

Enter Doll Divine
Roll your eyes now if you must, but I love sites like this. I can (and do) spend hours playing on these sites. Last night was such a night.

It all started off with Sailor Moon.
In high school, I created my own Sailor Moon Character called Sailor Sun. Yup, she was me as a Sailor Scout. So when I came across a Sailor Moon Doll Creator, I just had to make Sailor Sun.

Well, after that I just got carried away...

I made Ron and I into Hogwarts students. He's in Hufflepuff and I'm in Gryffindor. Yup, those are actually our cats Rina and Lynx.

I've always loved Lara Croft, I even went to work as her for Halloween one year. This was my chance to be my own adventurer, Braeby Croft. Yeah, I would totally wear shorts and a coat in the snow. I'm like that. :P

I've always wanted to be a pin-up girl. I love the clothes and the culture and have many of my own pictures. I even have my own alter ego, Ruby.

Ever wanted to be a Disney Princess? YES! Ever since I was old enough the remember I wanted to be a Disney Princess. Hell, I still want to be a Disney Princess. Check out my cotton candy dress!

 Steampunk seems to be the new big thing these days. A few years ago my friend and I were going to join the Toronto Steampunk Society, but never got around to actually making costumes. This game makes it a lot easier.

 I've never been one to wish that I was anything but human (except maybe a cat or a unicorn) but this Avatar creator was just too fun to pass up.

This last one is a little different. It was for a 4 Elements creator.  This was Earth. The funny thing about it is that I actually own and wear this outfit. It's one of my pin-up outfits. Mind you I usually wear 6 inch red patten leather, open-toed heels with it.

So out of all the games, this one actually looks the most like me.

which one looks the most like you?

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