Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Star Wars Magazines

Not getting enough out of Star Wars Insider?
Want the real inside scoop to the SWU?
Then we have the magazine subscriptions for you!

What do you get for the man who has everything, including his own Universe?
Why Emperor, of course! It's the magazine written for Palpatine by Palpatine!

How about the interior decorator in your life?
They won't want to miss The Great Indoors!

The activist in your life will want to get the inside scoop on what we can do to help the endangered Sarlacc's.
Tips in every issue of Sarlacc's Digest.

And for the young, fashionable rebel in your household, they sure won't want to miss Vogue Leader!

So no matter what creatures live in your household this holiday season, make them happy with Star Wars Magazines. Subscribe today!
Brought to you by Scott Wears Pants.


  1. People like my drawings! Thankyou very much

  2. They're Awesome! I wish these were real!!